Working Together to
Defend Our Clients

We are stronger when we work together and we believe that in order to do the kind of work we do, we must support each other. As advocates, we zealously defend the rights of our clients. But what happens when we get sick, or just tired? As a member of Advocates for Immigrant Rights (AIR), you can take time for yourself and know that experienced and dependable attorneys will cover for you when you need it. You will be able to be a part of a collective that will help be more effective and efficient. 

Working together, in addition to structural support, AIR members can increase their impact as advocates through regular meetings where we identify and strategize on legal approaches to issues that arise in the course of our representation, connect to a larger network of attorneys and community-based organizations that work with immigrant communities across the country, and access opportunities to build expertise.

We are currently conceiving of two tiers of membership to Advocates for Immigrant Rights that allow for you to become a member of the collective in whatever way you are comfortable.


Creating Infrastructure to Support Our Work


We are currently working on developing a membership structure that that is flexible and meets the needs of our members.

 If you are interested in working with us in some capacity, or to find out more about our collective and how it might benefit you and your work, please contact us.