Most people pay at the ICE office closest to where they live if they can arrange transportation from the detention facility.

Click here to find the nearest ICE office.


Memphis ICE Field Office:

Hours: 9am-3pm

842 Virginia Run Cove

Memphis, TN 38122

(901) 544-3500

Oakdale ICE Field Office:

Hours: 9am-3pm

1010 East Whatley Road

Oakdale, LA 71463

(318) 335-7587 


If you are picking the person up:

If you are picking the person up, you can pay the bond at Oakdale, LA ICE Field Office.

If you are not able to pick the person up:

If you are not able to pick the person up, and the person is detained at the LaSalle Detention Facility in Jena, LA, it will be necessary to arrange a taxi to Alexandria, LA, where they can get on the Greyhound Bus to Memphis or anywhere else. Must show proof of bus ticket when paying bond. 

  • It is best to try to pay the bond earlier in the day because it takes a long time to process

  • Detainee must be released that same day

  • The person paying the bond must provide:

    • Valid Govt ID

    • SS card or valid SSN

    • Proof of travel arrangement

    • A#, address and name/contact of person picking detainee up at Bus terminal if not personally transporting detainee

  • Whether bond breached or cancelled, interest check sent to Obligor.

  • Bonds need to be paid with a money order or cashier’s check; if the bond is $10,000.00 or more must be in the form of certified cashier’s check and made out to the Department of Homeland Security

  • A bond less than $10,000.00 either certified cashier’s check or US Postal Money Order (leave blank, ICE will stamp payee)

Taxi Services from LaSalle:

Cenla Taxi Co.: 318-448-1417; 318-880-1868

First Alexandria City Taxi: 318-229-5566; 877-846-8294

Melendez Taxi: 504-756-4299; 318-445-5281

David Hernandez Taxi: 318-469-3594

Brown’s Taxi: 318-787-2371; 318-469-6718; 318-290-1576