You can help someone find out if they have immigration court now or if they have in the past and find out what happened if their case has concluded:

With the Alien Number:

With the A#, you can call the Immigration Court Hotline to find out if they have a hearing scheduled, when and where it is scheduled (Option 1) or if they have any prior orders of removal (Option 3). This line has both English and Spanish language options.

Phone Number: 1-800-898-7180

Motion to Change Venue:

If they live in Arkansas, Tennessee, or Northern Mississippi and they do not have court scheduled in Memphis, TN, they will need to request that the court be moved to Memphis. This request is called a Motion to Change Venue. 

You can fill out the form below and send with a change of address form to the immigration court where the case currently is AND to the Department of Homeland Security Office of Chief Counsel that handles that court. 

Motion to Change Venue

Change of Address: EOIR-33 - each form has the court’s address listed on page 2

each form has the court’s address listed on page 2

Link to DHS/OCC addresses:

Even if someone has court in Memphis already, they need to alert the court of a change of address within 5 days of moving. They will use form EOIR-33 and send to the court and to the DHS/OCC attorneys.

If someone has outstanding applications with the immigration office (USCIS) they will need to send change of address forms A-11 to the office that is handling their case. This form can be filed online: